My silent, triumphant WOOOOOOOOOOOOOS

Being at home on maternity leave for 6 months has meant that I have developed some new habits. Recently I noticed one particular habit that I think is worthy of note because its …a bit stupid.
I call it ‘My silent, triumphant woooooooos’. If you’re wondering what a wooooooo is, its that shout of delight when something you like happens…like-” we’re going to Hawaii next week, WOOOOOOOOOOOOO”, or “we’re getting married tomorrow, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” (the length and frequency of the woooos also depends on how exciting the thing is, like going to Hawaii vs getting married tomorrow!)
Ok, so ‘My silent, triumphant woooooooooos’ are the same wooooooooooos, only that I have to jump, wave my hands in the air, and shout my wooos quietly…..thats right, the person in the next room wouldn’t even be able to hear me!

I have noticed a couple of things that culminate in these silent woooooooooos.
The first one that comes to mind would be when I have gone through my obstacle course for the day. You see, when I wake up everyday, I have a list of things that I HAVE TO DO and things that I LOVE TO DO. Things that I HAVE TO DO are stuff like dishes, housecleaning, filling up water bottles for the fridge, going through the mummy-daughter ritual that gets Izabelle to sleep around 11.00 am (her morning bath, morning feed, some playtime, some time watching her favourite TV station which actually is my favourite TV station for her, some more feeding , then sleep), having my shower, making lunch/dinner or both, and making my bed.
Things that I LOVE TO DO in no order of priority include watching cartoons with a glass of juice, facebooking, blogging, just hanging out on the internet doing nothing necessarily innovative, reading a nice book ( i haven’t done that in a while though), or going back to sleep.

Naturally, I have to do the things that I HAVE TO DO before I get to do the things that I LOVE TO DO. This is where the obstacle course theory stems from. The obstacles to doing the things that I LOVE TO Do are the things that I HAVE TO DO.
I dont necessarily hate the things that I have to do, but because my brain has classified them as chores because they are things that I cannot decide not to do, I find myself preferring the things on the I love to do list. That said, I can predict that when stuff like facebooking find their way into my list of things I HAVE TO DO… (i’m not sure how that can happen) it will become less preferred than things that remain on the other list.

My first woooooooooooooooo of the day comes when I have successfully put Izabelle to bed. WOOOOOOOOOOOO. that is usually a major feat because she is quite sociable and tries to stay awake for as long as possible. so after putting her down in her cot, I stand beside and watch her for about 20 seconds and if she’s having a successful sleep, I ritualistically throw my hands in the air, and WHISPER WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
i must say that the quietness of these triumphant shouts in no way dampen the victory I feel at those moments!
My second woooooooooooo of the day comes when I’ve successfully finished the dishes and sterilising the bottles…WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…I have to be quiet though because we dont want to destroy the first woooooooo by waking baby! The burst of energy i get from this second wooooooooooooo is able to carry me through my morning shower and making the bed….and on to the final WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….because now, and only now can I do the things I like to do without any chores hanging over my head.
I usually dont mind if Izabelle wakes up now though, because she is rested and happy enough to be independent on her bouncer.
As i will be starting work in about 3 weeks (where did the months go?!), I wonder if these wooooooooooooos will find their way into my office….I’ll let you know if they do and what the reaction of anyone who caught me was.
Till then, I am firmly committed to my daily silent, triumphant wooooooooooooos.


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