Reflections of an irate bus passenger

The Setup

Its only 12.00am and I feel like I’ve just been woken up for the 500th time in 1 hour…what was that noise? *sigh* its my alarm clock. Why is it waking me up at midnight? Who’s been tampering with my phone? I have a look at the phone. Far out! Its 5.00am! Seriously, I’m only sure because I just checked my phone. Gosh, I feel like I’ve only just gone to sleep. *sigh*
I don’t feel well at this time in the morning, I wonder if I can call in sick? No I won’t do that, but i’ll feel better after I rest some more. 5.26am!!! Gosh!! I better get up, I can’t afford to miss my 6.44am bus!

6.40am and onwards

Its freezing cold but I didn’t really mind because my bus should be here in the next 4 minutes.
6.45am…Awww Nancy, he’s just a minute late! My bus was late yesterday, he arrived at 6.50am so when we got to Indooroopilly station, I had missed my connecting bus. I arrived work at 7:45am. I prefer arriving around 7.30am but 15 minutes later doesn’t bite.
OK, when the bus hadn’t arrived by 6.50, I was sure of two things:

  1. It was definitely the same driver who was late yesterday; and
  2. I was going to frown at him when I hopped on the bus (like he cared or would even notice!)

I kept on feeling cold and kept on checking my watch in between feeling cold. It was soon 7.00am and I was certain that our driver had decided not to show up. I sent hubby a text saying that my bus was late, then I sent him another one correcting myself and informing him that the driver did not even bother to show up. His reply? “OK. At least you found one. Have a good day.” My mental response? “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (that was me screaming in my head)
Some minutes past 7.00am and a bus driver arrives so we all hop in. He said good morning but I did not respond. I hoped he realised I was livid because I had woken up early for nothing! I might as well have slept in!

OK, so a bus has FINALLY arrived, I’ve hopped on, I’m sitting down and I’M FUMING!
Below is a snapshot of what was going on in my hot little head.

The reflections

Gosh, I’m so upset….why are you upset? Well, for starters, I’m supposed to be at work by 7.30am. You are not SUPPOSED to be at work by 7.30am and you know that. Well I like being at work that early because it gives me 30 minutes to 1 hour of working alone without being interrupted.
*fume* I feel like giving the driver a piece of my mind. And what would that be? Hmmmmm…just watch and see. (I begin to imagine a confrontation in my mind) –> {I walk up to the driver and……
Nancy: Oh hi Driver, did you know that this bus was meant to arrive AT 6.44am?
Driver: What? Speak up, I can’t hear you love.
Nancy: I asked if you realised that this bus was meant to arrive at this bus stop AT 6.44am?
Driver: No mate, that was meant to be the driver before me. What’s your problem?
Nancy: Well, its just that unlike some other people, some of us NEED to be at work on time and we’ve been standing at the bus stop under freezing conditions for the past 30 minutes. *pause for a response but get none so I push on* Would you know why the other driver didn’t show up?
The driver starts getting impatient because he’s driving and I’m not supposed to be talking to him when he’s driving, however, I’m too angry to care…until I notice that every other person on the bus is looking at me and listening to the conversation. The school children are snickering and whispering among themselves…One student speaks up, “Go back to your country if you don’t like it here” and I snap back, “Well this IS my Country because I was born here just like you were. Moreover, even if I wasn’t born here I shouldn’t be listening to you because millions of Australians live overseas as well!”…At this point, I can’t help but compare the bus system here to the one in some Nigerian cities – 3 come to mind: Nsukka (I begin to remember those yellow buses with yelling harmattan riddled conductors hanging from the bus from Barracks to Ogige Market) Not a good comparison so I make a mental shift to Lagos (lots and lots of buses with conductors yelling unintelligible destinations, I also begin to see the ‘one chance’ buses in my mind, and then I remember standing at a bus stop without knowing when and if a bus will come…then I almost re-feel the frustration I felt when a bus arrived but the driver decided he now wanted to go to another destination because there were more passengers going there!!!!) No this is worse than Nsukka and I almost have to shake off the bad feeling I’m getting…is there no city with a good public transport system in Nigeria? Aha Abuja (I remember that it wasn’t too bad hopping on a bus from Wuse II to Kubwa, there always seemed to be a bus unless I got to the bus stop at a certain time in the evening) Oh well….by this time the school children are bold enough to giggle and giggle, other older passengers are staring at this crazy crazy lady, so I decide to go back to my seat. At least this driver now knows my thoughts about ‘NO – SHOW’ drivers and will perhaps have a word with the other absentee. } yeah right.

Ok so the above scenario didn’t actually happen, it only happened in my mind so i’m trying to let off some steam and the reflections continue…

Why don’t you listen to some soothing music on your ipod? It always makes you feel better. Aha, why didn’t you mention it before! hmm what shall it be *i’m flicking through my playlists as its too much work to try and figure out what genre I want to be listening to* Ahhh, Enya and Yanni. Sweet. So I start listening to Yanni’s End of August and my bus has just gone round the Sinnamon Park roundabout and is trying to merge with the Highway. What!!!Traffic congestion and we can hardly get on! Everyone is creeping, I mean EVERYONE. Oh, did I mention that I have known this all along which was why I decided to start taking the 6.44 bus just to miss the traffic? *exasperation* I wish I could stamp my feet. I can’t so I just have to be satisfied with an eye roll. I’m fuming again! Our bus finally gets on the highway and we start creeping successfully. We cross the bridge and when I see the river the good part of my mind reminds me:
Be thankful for what you’ve got”
and what would that be?”
Life. Its better to be on a late bus that on a crashing airplane”
Well, yeah

That seems to mellow me down a bit.

Enya’s May it be begins to play just as we’re driving past the Forest-like vegetation. I allow my mind to wander and t
he song makes me feel like I’m on vacation at a Rainforest location. I check my time and its 7.25! Gosh, I was supposed to be at Uni now. Enya is still playing and I am at cross roads in my mind. Should I wander away to my Rainforest vacation or should I keep fuming in my mind? I feel like a holiday, so i’ll go for one in my mind, at least I don’t have to worry about getting on the plane yet. Cool.
So I’m back at this Rainforest resort and its a lovely day. We are in a cabin and I’m about to make breakfast on this lovely lovely morning….Yanni’s Santorini starts playing and I’m still looking out of the window in the kitchen of this cabin in this Rainforest getaway. The sunlight is dancing with the leaves in the wind. It’s quixotic. The song gains momentum and I begin to feel like Greece. Greece. Ok, so I decide that we’ve made plans to travel from this resort to Greece and explore the historical sites. Did I mention that I know that Yanni is Greek? Oh yes, Greece will be lots of fun!…In reality I’m still on this late bus to work and my bus has just stopped to pick some passengers at a bus stop…all is well, I feel quite happy from my mind trip to the tranquil rainforest resort, then I just catch a glimse of my connecting bus zooming past us…COME ON DRIVER, MOVE IT! Catch that bus. No, the traffic isn’t letting up. Wait, he’s gotten back to the road and we’re on the trail of my connecting bus. Woooooooooo…ouch, that was short lived because we’re stopped by the unrelenting authority of the RED LIGHT and I watch my connecting bus get farther and farther away into the distance.
*sigh* Oh well.
Green light, our bus is moving again, Enya’s The Memory of Trees begins to play and I’m actually feeling happy now. Life is great. I’m sitting on this bus, the sunlight is in eyes, God’s love is in my heart and I feel alive. I’ve got a wonderful family to go home to at the end of the day and I’m going to have a PERFECT day after all!
We’re at the connecting bus stop now and 3 connecting buses have just left without me because I’m still trying to get off Bus #1. I touch off my Go card on the machine then I smile at the driver and say, “Thanks Driver” before getting off to face this Perfect day!

8.05am, I get to the office, mutter something about absentee bus drivers to Lizanne and hop on my computer.

Late bus? At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter.


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  1. Nice one Nance! What a way to start the day. Girl it seems there's more activity in your mind that physically…lol. I'm sure if it was naija u would have told thd driver off conviniently with enuf support from other passengers…lol.Keep them coming girl!!!


  2. lol!!! Really entertaining!!! In 9ja the bus driver would have joined the queue at the petrol station without seeking the consent of the passengers or probably start a war of words with u while navigating through a maze of other danfo buses and okadas with the rest of the passengers screaming and shouting!!! Keep it up!!!!


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