Hello, Morning!

<img alt="" border="0" src="http://static1.squarespace.com/static/550ae23ae4b0172a19b02d70/550bc0ade4b0821bfb9d0d5d/550bc0b0e4b0821bfb9d0f2c/1426833649574//img.jpg morning is my favorite time of the day. On sunny mornings, the sky is so blue; the little puffy clouds look so soft and fluffy up there; the leaves reflect the sun and the flowers in their vibrant colours make me want to twirl around in a colourful girly dress with arms wide open and chirp like a bird. Since I'm mostly on the bus heading to work at this time of day, I don't do this, so i resort to taking a deep lungfull of the lovely morning air and giving a big smile to everyone (except late bus drivers. Refer to an earlier post to get my view on late bus drivers). Yeah! its a beautifuuuuuuuuul day.

(Don`t you ever get grey overcast days? by Johh Frisch)

I also love overcast mornings when it looks like it’s going to storm. I imagine the sun trying so hard to peek through the big dark clouds (like Izabelle trying hard to see the TV when I’ve deliberately blocked her view). I can almost hear the clouds going, “geez sun, what is it with you? you’ve been at our backs all morning” and the sun going, “if only you’d just let me peek through, just a tiny little bit so I can see what’s happening down there, I’d quit bothering you so much”. I like to think that when the clouds give in is when you see rays of sunlight peeping through the cracks in the clouds on an overcast morn. 🙂

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