Ten confessions of a real wife / mum

I am first of all a wife and then a mother of 3 (to be honest, my first confession should probably be that I am first of all a mother of 3 and then a wife). My assumption is that the correct order will be reset to the default position when the kids leave home.

Confession #2:
Sometimes I feel like running away. This is nothing to worry about though as it doesn’t happen so often (only at 6pm everyday when I have to figure out what to cook for dinner). The good thing is that I’m quite mature so I don’t give in to every whim. Moreover, the feeling turns into exhilaration once I’ve nailed dinner or ecstacy when I remember that I’ve got some leftovers that I can serve for dinner! #winning

Confession #3:
I take my time when I’ve gone out alone and left the kids (especially the 3 mth old) with my husband at home. I usually expect a call within an hour because my newborn has refused to drink the EBM I’ve left with my husband and even though I sound like I’m concerned and hurrying back home on the phone, I’m not. I figure that when she’s hungry enough she’ll drink from the bottle and I’m also usually happy that dad is feeling the heat of looking after a newborn without anyone else to help him. I see it as a little payback for the expression of pure joy he usually has on his face when he’s merrily signing out of the family home to hang out with his mates without the burden of a wife and kids.

Confession #4:

95% of the time, I would persist in completing a small chore before attending to my crying 3 mth old(depending on the pitch of the cry). I like to think that I’m passing on life skills so that she realises that the world doesn’t revolve around her…i.e. people are not going to drop whatever they are doing to attend to her all the time…i.e. mummy has also got other things to do asides from feeding and rocking her. Also, if she happens to cry when i’m making a lasagne, she had better not choose to do it while I’m making my bechamel sauce as I have’t figured out what happens if I leave the sauce midcooking to attending to a crying baby. It hasn’t been a chance I have been willing to take at 6.30pm on a weekday so I am always going to finish cooking the bechamel sauce before attending to anybody else. 3% of the time, if dad is home, he graciously comes to pick the baby up while i finish up the chore. 2% of the time, the pitch of the cry requires that I drop whatever I’m doing and pick her up.

Confession #5:
I think that we are really really good parents and that my kids are always well behaved therefore, any bad behaviours have been learned from other kids at daycare or school.
Confession #6:
I buy his & hers snacks when I really like something and would prefer not to share. I also prefer that my husband gives the kids some from his. I reckon I’ve done more than my part of sharing when they were in the utero. However, I usually sneak behind him and eat a little bit from his as well. #Shhhh
Confession #7:
I dislike parents who let their children be unruly. I also have to overcome the intense desire to smack/pinch these children. 
Confession #8:
Anytime I’ve taken the kids somewhere and we’re 5 mins into the drive home, I always have a panic attack because I think I’ve forgotten one of the kids so I do a quick glance at the back of the car to do a head count. This didn’t happen when I only had 2 kids.
Confession #9:
I get ticked off when my husband refuses to take the kids out shopping and yet expects me to take them shopping. Hello? Do men get stressed handling any number of children in the shopping centre; rushing through the checkout to take one of them to the toilet for a wee only to get back into the shop and realise that they now want to make a poo; dealing with a tantrum when one kid has spied a biscuit/candy that you are determined not to buy them; having to rush to the parent’s room to change a nappy and feed the hungry tired kids? Oh, welcome to the club of human beings. We also feel the same way, so we wouldn’t mind leaving the kids at home when we go shopping too. If it seems like we know how to look after the kids better, it may be because we’ve have had more practice and you know what they say, “practice makes perfect”.
Confession #10:
I would like to be rewarded for being a good mother and a wife by being treated to a spa and massage once in a while (where a while = 1 week). I am well aware that there are millions of mothers who are alcoholics or just lazy and can’t be bothered working or taking care of their family or feeding them vegies so I think I’m doing a fantastic job. I am also aware that my husband is a good dad and husband so I reward him with a nice lunch and dinner everyday.


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