Weekly project update – Mummy’s Weekly Schedule

Every week I try to spend 1 hour from Monday to Thursday working on something I love. These include sewing (or attempting to sew), creating artwork and projects for our business.

I have so many interests but felt I had so little time to indulge and as  result most of my projects have been unfinished for a while. I spent many years barely coping with being a mum and working full time and when I added running a business into the mix many other areas of my life suffered. I was really proud of myself when the kids were in bed by 8.30pm or 9pm as most days I still had dinner in the oven by 8.15pm. I kept late late nights because I was trying to keep up with Uni, or setting up our business website and I was constantly exhausted.

After a while, I decided to give everything a break and focus on just running my family, but my passions were burning a hole in my heart and I knew I had to make things work somehow. In order to find a solution, I started doing some online research on how to fit everything in and still flourish and I stumbled upon a few blogs and websites. One of the blogs that made a huge impression on me with the wide range of planning resources was

Planning with kids

. Nicole, the blog author, encourages readers to schedule time to do even basic things like meal planning and 15 minute tasks around the house. After taking a look at her timetable, I was inspired to draw up a basic schedule with the calendar on my phone. This worked for a while but I needed something visual to put up on my fridge, and since I love spreadsheets I allocated last week’s slot of weekly project time to creating a weekly schedule that would fit in everything I am currently doing including spending one to one time with each child and playtime. I was also keen to get this out of the way as I am about to start my MBA around the same time my Demi Pair leaves which means a major shake-up in my routine. *OMG*

By the end of last week, I was happy with my schedule and so far, it has been working out for me around 80% of the time. I still have to be disciplined with sticking to my bedtime, but I’m pleased with my progress. I realise life is constantly work in progress, so I will be tweaking the schedule as things changed, but I would like to share it with you below.

I have tried to fit in Uni work towards the weekend and extend my bedtime by 1 hour but I’ve made up for it with a 1 hour sleep in the next two days.

If you would like me to send you a draft spreadsheet, I’d be happy to do so if you send me a message with your email address.


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  1. Your schedule is impressive! After taking a more detailed look at it, I do realize that we are pretty much on the same line (I particularly sympathize with the time spend commuting, argh), except that at 10h30 I am…well…cooked 😉


  2. Yes the commuting. That said, I've learned to love my commuting time and I would be doing a post soon on productive things i love doing with this time. 🙂


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