5 Super Simple Ways To Get Your Oomph Back – Part 1

Have you lost your oomph? If you’re missing your zing and everything is just “meh” at the moment, it could be due to daily pressures, your least favorite season/weather, or just that you’ve gotten into a rut and everything is just same old same old, so-so-so-so. Here are 5 simple and super easy things I do when I’ve lost that sparkle and just need a little bit of a “pick-me-up”…

1) Embrace each new season:

There is at least one thing I love about each season, so I try to embrace each new season with simple actions like changing the background pictures on my computer, phone and Facebook cover to celebrate this. I love nature, so I take new pictures each season and use them or search for a free to use picture from a Google that is aesthetically pleasing. Other ideas could be a family picture from a holiday in a similar season or a funny picture. I also indulge in seasonal fruits that I love. It is tempting to refuse to let go of your safe choice of apples, but getting on board with new fruits offered by the new season is a sign of letting go of the old and embracing the new.

2) Update your tech:

You don’t have to change your phone or tablet to keep them up-to-date. When was the last time you performed the software update for your gadget? Updates are great because sometimes they change the interface making it more user friendly and removing bugs. You can also have a look at trending apps and download a few new apps. I love the workout app and did you know that the compass app can act as a level when fixing up your picture frames? One last way you could update your tech would be simply to change your phone cover. Some of us tend to lo-o-o-v-e our phone covers so much that we use them all our lives. There are always new fun covers being designed and they are easy on the pocket too.

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3) Colour your style:

Inject some energy into your outfits by experimenting with some new colours. Why not? If you’re scared of wearing colours, start with small items like a scarf and pair them with a neutral top and denim, then accessorise with a bracelet, watch or small purse in an accent of this colour.

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.4) Try a new recipe:

I have challenged myself to try one new recipe every week! You know I love food but sometimes trying something new can be daunting because of fussy kids or partners. I start with recipes that have ingredients that we are familiar with, this way I can tell my husband, “Try it, it’s just the usual mince and tomatoes.” I find this makes it easier on family members who are nervous of trying something new. Once they have gained trust in your judgement, push the boundaries a little and make a yummy Thai curry. 🙂

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5) Schedule time for your favorite hobby:

If I do not make the effort, I never indulge on my hobbies. When we are busy with our careers, families, and businesses, our hobbies fly out of the window. However, all work and no play makes me Meh Meh Meh! I also get frustrated, uninspired and tired because I feel I’m not doing anything creative and just for me. Adding not only some “me-time” but also some weekly project slots in your schedule where you can pick up that knitting or writing will bring back some excitement into your world. The last couple of weeks, I used my weekly project slots to work on my schedule, and it has been paying off. I shared the post here . Next week, I hope to share some art I’ve been working on this week. I’m no Picasso, but working on these were relaxing and made for some personal happy times. If all they do is challenge you to do something even better, then I’m happy to help. Hehe

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  1. Hello Nancy! Congratulations on your blog and thank you for stopping by mine: exchange, I love it – just as much as discovering new bloggers. I read your post with great interest since my life just seems to spin around at an incredible (and often unmanageable) speed. The most difficult for me right now (mother of two under 3 1/2) is to schedule time for hobbies. Argh. Some day!


  2. Thanks for stopping by. Don't give up on scheduling hobbies. I've got 3 girls with 2 under 3 and half. I work to a timetable and I schedule in 1hr of hobbies. It helps me relax after they've gone to bed. Checkout my Mummy Schedule Post for the post. 🙂 I hope you are able to make it work hun. Hang in there.


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