5 Ideas for Your Handbag Storage Wishlist

One of the earliest items to make it on a young girl’s wishlist is her very own handbag. It doesn’t matter if her only possession is an empty canvas wallet or a handmade picture from school. Fast forward a couple of years and multiply the handbags by ‘N’ then storing them in a way that makes you 100% happy constitutes a major life crisis. How do you keep them tidied away so that 
a) it’s not a life threatening hazard trying to access them {e.g. piling them on top of somewhere}; 
b) they do not crinkle; and 
c) you can see them all in a way that empowers you to make a well balanced and informed decision on each day’s outfit!

There are so many clever ideas on how to store those precious handbags and here are 5 favorite ones from “Most wanted” to “That’ll do”:

1) In-built closet with vertical glass dividers (I want this in my life…right now)

2) Wooden hook rack

 3) Hanging closet organiser

 I use this one and I love it because it doesn’t take up too much space. Search for them on Ebay for the best price. It will not fit those large Luis Vuitton bags though.

4) Over door organiser.

You need a door for this method. I tried it in my wardrobe but couldn’t get it to work because I wasn’t using a door.

5) Using a lid rack to organise your purses. This is actually brilliant. 

What are your tried and tested ideas for storing your handbags?

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Cover pic;#1;#2;#3;#4;#5.


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