Read & Loved: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: My Life by Sophia Loren

I just finished reading Sophia Loren’s Autobiography: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: My Life and I must say it was an inspiring read. Loren was born in 1934 and grew up in Italy during World War II. In this book she shares about living in poverty and hardship, the pain of being abandoned by her father and being raised by a single unwed mother. She writes about her journey through the days she was nicknamed the ‘toothpick’, through to being a runner-up several times in beauty pageants; and how she rose from a struggling wanna-be actor grasping onto bit parts into an international multi-award winning movie star. Many times she mentions how important  it is to anchor the fairy tales of life to real life and how her difficult early years helped her maintain her perspective of who she really was and where she came from during her years of fame. I found it interesting that her beauty was regarded unconventional in those days and she failed many screen tests. She was told by photographers that it was impossible to photograph her because her face was too short, her nose too long and her mouth too wide!

What I found inspiring was her determination through the difficult times and her diligent work ethic throughout her career. In addition, sharing about her devastation during her two miscarriages and her powerlessness in making her dreams of being a mum and a wife come true as early as she would have wished was a reminder that we all have similar dreams and struggles whether we are at the top of the ladder or at the bottom. I did some extra reading on the web about her and have rounded up some of her favorite quotes.

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