YOU WILL: Get To The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

How are you going today? Has this week been good for you or has it been an up and down and all over the place kind of week? If it’s a hard time for you this picture is dedicated to you. I snapped this shot today and loved the light at the end of the walkway. Kind of like the light at the end of the tunnel. If we keep walking, we’ll eventually get to the light. 

Daily Action

  • When progress is slow – Don’t despair, remember that one step ahead is progress. Just keep walking. 
  • When progress is fastDon’t get anxious about your ability to keep up this pace. Just enjoy today’s progress and keep walking. 

The tips that help me through rough patches are: 

#1 Writing down three things I loved each day

 These could be anything ranging from quirky mailboxes to an old couple kissing by the roadside. If I were just writing a list of things I was grateful for, I probably wouldn’t think to include these. Take note of the things that made you smile each day. 

#2 Committing to a daily exercise routine

A walk always lifts my mood. Sometimes, I listen to calming music while I walk, or if it is early in the morning, I just listen to the birds and breathe the fresh morning air deep in the lungs. Smiling and saying hello to passersby helps take the focus away from me. I try not to worry as I walk, instead it is helpful to meditate on uplifting words that directly negate the worrying thoughts. 

Exercise helps your body and mind + you always feel better after completing a routine. 

#3 Setting some short and long term goals

New goals give me something positive to work towards and look forward to. It could be something around the house like gardening or starting a new course that will help me achieve a dream. 

#4 Catching up with friends

A good laugh with a friend over a cuppa or lunch always warms the heart. Also, a surprise phone call to a friend on the other side of the world brings them joy and makes for a good chat. There’s also the elation of having made someone else’s day. 

#5 Hope: Truly truly believing 100% that I will get to the end of the tunnel

Keeping hope alive is hard for various reasons, but it is vital to maintain hope because it helps us to keep going. If it’s a hard day, believe that tomorrow will be better. Why not tomorrow? If it’s a hard year, believe that the new year will be better. Why will it not be? In the middle of the tunnel, sometimes we get claustrophobic and think, “this will never ever end. My life will remain like this forever”. There’s no use thinking these thoughts. Fight them with, “I will get to the end of this” “This too shall pass” etc. Begin to imagine how things will be when you get to the end of the tunnel and become energised by this hope to take one more step forward. 

#6 Finding a creative outlet

Decorating the house. A small sewing project. An art project. Drawing. Baking something new. These all present an exciting opportunity to be engaged in an uplifting activity. 

#7 Resting up

Scheduling times for winding down and relaxing helps the body recharge. Have an afternoon nap on the weekends, or curl up on your sofa with a book. A break away from the busyness helps quieten the soul. 

#8 Focusing on being patient

Life takes time. Learning to patiently take the time required to heal is necessary for recovery. 

#9 Letting go

Sometimes, the stress or upset is coming from trying to hold on to something when it is time to let go. Take a break to reevaluate our commitments while remembering that drastic actions should not be taken without some consultation with loved ones especially if something huge like a loss of employment or bereavement has just occurred. 

#10 Committing to healthy eating

When one is down in the dumps, doughnuts seem to be constantly within reach. The temptation not to care about what I’m eating when things are pear shaped is high but taking extra steps to make sure that the pantry and fridge are stocked with the right food is even more necessary. A chocolate here and there and chicken soup for the soul but making sure just to buy a little always keeps me from my reckless side. 

How about you? What tips help you get through rough days? 


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Seeking to unveil the beautiful rhythms of love, hope and grace enshrouded in the mundane dailiness of the human condition and the spaces we inhabit

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  1. Thanks for sharing. That's inspiring. My main problem is that I always want to see the results immediatly of work, and if I don't get it I just feel very dissapointed in myself. And usually it leads to losing any motivation to continue :/ But i'm working on it right now and one of the methods is to write down three goals that I achieved in a week. That works!


  2. Thanks for reading! Writing down three goals you achieved is amazing. I would like to do that too, I can see how that can be motivating as we can easily lose sight of the progress we are actually making. Thanks for the tip.


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