Coffee Chat With Mom of 2 & Business Owner – Enhanced Business Solutions

For today’s coffee chat, I caught up with Therese from Collaroy, New South Wales. She is the  Business development manager at Enhanced Business Solutions, a business she and her husband have grown from the scratch. In our chat she reveals how she juggles full time business with family, she also talks about being hit by the GFC and what inspired her to carry on through that challenge. As a reward for all their hard work, their business was a finalist in the 2015 local business awards for Australia’s northern beaches.



1.    What is the story behind your business – Enhanced Business Solutions?

We started this business over 10 years ago, my husband has over 20 years experience in running restaurants and I have over 20 years as a corporate travel consultant. We decided to have our own business as both of our careers were very long hours and once you have a child those long hours don’t really work.  We wanted to be there for our kids and not work from 7-7pm and have someone else look after them.  We are both passionate about making a difference in the service industry and ensuring 100% customer service is getting delivered to people. The only way to do this was to start our own training and marketing business.  We have developed a few products along the way, some our own and some from overseas.  I love America, they always have amazing products that we do not have here so I link myself to the companies over there.

2.    Comparing your life now as a business owner to when you were employed. Which is busier and why?

The life I have now is busier, as I have many hats going at the same time. When I was in travel I had guidelines on what I had to do and also had set hours.  We work nearly 7 days for our business and we’re always talking about it.  I love having my own business as I can bring different products on board without asking anyone else other than my partner who is also my husband.

3.    Three things you have learned from running a business?

a.    Patience – the next big thing is around the corner

b.    Persistence – keep going for that empire that we are building

c.    Strength – bad things make you stronger and wiser

4.    What has been your most challenging time in life and how did you work your way through that period?

When the GFC hit, that really affected us really hard and we have only just had a turnaround in the last 2 years.  We got through this by sacrificing a lot of things, keeping positive and having each other. Having a partner in business has been very important for me especially someone who is positive and a bit stronger than me.

5.    Where do you find inspiration to be motivated and positive?

I network with positive and motivated people on social media. I also find a large amount of motivation and positivity through my husband and family, they are my rock.

6.    How do you deal with competition?

We pick ourselves up and look for another client; we have pitched to a variety of large service industry companies for training and have been so close to getting them onboard only to lose out to a bigger training organization.

7.    Top tips for effectively promoting a business on social media.

Always be present, many businesses say, “Oh I don’t do social media not worth it”, but you have to be present, be in people’s faces.  I taught myself and linked myself with social media experts and picked their brain.  You must have a plan so as not to waste every hour on social media, that is a key and I have started to use Post Planner which is awesome. It saves me from wasting hours every day on posts and I can prepare them in advance. I also help some mums at school who want to start their own business.

8.    What does a typical day look like for you?

I plan for the next day the night before.  So when I drop kids at school I am back to the office (which is home) and I start on new clients, blog writing (yet to be finished), Scout stuff which I am a Treasurer and cub leader.  Next I search social media for any new ideas/articles.  After that I create call lists for my husband to do on the road.  He may even call me to do things for him so I have to drop what I am doing to help with that. Then I work on our accounts. I love my days as it is never boring and I have the opportunity to brainstorm and plan our business.

9.    How do you fit in time to take care of yourself and exercise/recharge?

After dropping the kids off at school I try and fit in a half hour walk and then 7 minute exercise (apple app). That is my only time to myself because after this I am back into work. I don’t have a lot of time for exercise or recharging but as a family we try and go for walks on the weekend.

10.  For fun – Which movie character do you admire the most?

Can I say singer? I love Ellie Goulding – she is amazing and down to earth. For movies I love Reese Witherspoon because she is so normal and confident. I was inspired after watching the movie she directed -Wild, she made me want to go for my dreams even more.

PS: I would like to thank Tiffany from Tab Graphics (last coffee chat) for designing this new Coffee Chat template.



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