5 Classic Decorating Styles To Pin On Your Home Idea Board

I loved reading the BHG post on classic decorating trends that are making a come back and I am sharing my top 5. What goes around does indeed come back around which is good because it means that classic fashion as well as decorating styles are always making a come back with a bang! As a lover of everything classic I also love that these styles are not too difficult to replicate. 

Classic Clutter
Classic Clutter
bhg.com; etsy.com; etsy.com; etsy.com.
bhg.com; etsy.com; etsy.com; etsy.com.
Harpers Bazaar
Harpers Bazaar


Popular in the 60’s and through the 70’s this knotted rope beauty is easy to DIY and can be used to hang potted plants, decorating bowls and anything else you fancy. There are lots of tutorials on Pinterest and Classic Clutter has produced a tutorial for making the chair in the picture if you’re ever after a holiday project. If you’d just rather buy it, they are available on various online stores including Etsy and Ebay. Here’s a link to one from The Block Shop



Brass & Copper

Move away chrome, brass, copper and even gold are making a come back! I love it’s been incorporated in the lighting and stools in this picture. It is also easy to add a bit of brass or copper with your picture frames, mirrors, lamps, vases, faucets & taps. 


Midcentury Style

If your grandparents till have some of these pieces you know what to do. However, if you’re like me and can’t get your hands on your grandparent’s furniture and decor, buzzfeed did a post on where to buy midcentury decor.




I love how bold colours have been tied in to compliment the 1980’s pale pastel colours. 



From geometrics to colour blocks, wallpapers are a game changer when you want to make any room trendy and you can rest easy in the fact that you can easily change it back or to something else when you feel like. 

If going classic is your thing, head over to bhg for more ideas and let me know which of the styles are going on your home inspiration board. 


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