Daily Quest – You win some, you lose some

Handpicked by my daughter today.
Handpicked by my daughter today.

This morning I made breakfast, packed school bags – sheets (which I had forgotten yesterday and almost every other Monday plus I only remember them because their bags come home with a huge “OOPS I forgot my sheet today” sign); morning fruit, lunch & afternoon snacks for the kids, water bottles, change of clothes. Everyone was excited for afternoon snacks because I had made brownies last night. In between making breakfast, packing school bags and eating my breakfast, I tried to fit in 15 minutes of cardio in my backyard and I let the kids play outside while I exercised. Sometime in the middle of a horrible burpee ( I HATE BURPEES) my middle child gave me the flower in the picture above. I asked her to keep it by my exercise mat and I eventually remembered to take it to work and display on my desk. One thing I forgot however, was to put her afternoon snack in her school bag. I did ask her to put them in one-by-one because she had grabbed hers and the little ones’ and I didn’t want them to mistakenly open and spill everywhere. Well, being a child, she obviously forgot to come back and get hers and I forgot to check. 

We found out when we got to school and hubby asked why I hadn’t checked that she had packed the snacks. I was already upset that it had been left out because I knew how much Miss middle child loved her snacks so the comment got me inflamed. I might have screamed at hubby. To say the least, I didn’t handle the situation very well and the drive to my work was in silence.


During my 10 minute morning tea walk, the sun was shining and the wind was swishing around and I lifted my face to the sun. I was reminded that regardless of how each day starts or ends or the afternoon tea mess-ups, I’m on this journey to flourish and each day’s grace is sufficient for me to lift up my head and live a beautiful life. A “I’m sorry” sms and a positive perspective has put back a spring in my step. Yes I might have not packed afternoon tea, but when my daughter grows up, she’ll probably only remember that I stayed up at night making yummy chocolate brownies for her.


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