5-2 Diet Friendly Weekly Dinner Plan [Wk 1 Nov]


  1. Monday & Tuesday dinners are 5-2 diet friendly which means they are 250 cal or below.
  2. The meals are delicious which will make for a great family dining experience.
  3. These are healthy balanced meals – just what my growing family needs.
  4. Most of the meals have a cooking time of 30 mins to 45 mins and are therefore ideal for a working mom to put together before she gets mauled by hungry school/daycare kids.

Meal Plan Themes & Strategies

I want the meals I serve my growing family to  (a) enhance immunity (b) be full of vitamins and minerals required for optimum health (c) reduce cholesterol; (d) enhance family values & traditions (e.g. be enjoyable so the atmosphere at the dining table is upbeat and kids don’t need to be cajouled to eat up; celebrate our Nigerian heritage; create an appreciation of other cultures round the world; etc)

To achieve the above, I came up with the following strategies –

  1. Meal plan themes
    • Fish twice a week (One oily fish e.g. salmon/mackerel and one white fish)
    • Red meat only once a week if possible
    • Vegetarian dish once a week
    • Beans once a week
    • Pasta once a week
    • Researching & using immune boosting ingredients e.g. shiitake mushrooms
  2. Celebrating the Nigerian heritage & building a family tradition  – Making various traditional Nigerian rice dishes every Sunday for lunch and a traditional Nigerian soup for dinner. My husband was happy about this. I also want my kids to always know that this is our Sunday family tradition and wherever their world travels take them in future, they can expect that when they touch down to wherever mom and dad live, weekly dinners may be from all over the globe but Sunday lunch & dinner would be Nigerian cuisine.
  3. Choosing the weekly dinners from different cultures – Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, etc and discuss the origin of the meals and instill an appreciation of other cultures.

Another thing I do is to serve the same meals for each week in the fortnight so I can cook double quantities the first week and take things easy the next week. One reason I do this is because the kids ask to eat the meals again if they enjoyed it, so since I have a different lunch menu they are happy to enjoy the meal for the second time the next week. Some dishes actually taste better the second time around too. Another advantage is that I am able to do one major shop the first week and then only need to do a quick top up on fruit and veg the next fortnight.
Since I am making the blog to flow from my own life based on my own Quest To Flourish, I will pattern my meal plan posts fortnightly to match my family routine.



Pumpkin Seed Encrusted Baked Tilapia by SkinnyTaste
184 calories – bring up to 250 calories with vegetable stir fry


Vegetarian Bolognese by Woman Magazine UK
232 calories


Steak with Balsamic Tomatoes by Woman Magazine UK
250 calories


Vegetarian Chilli Beans by Australian Good Taste
377 calories


Spicy Chicken & Cashew Stir-Fry by Super Food Ideas
351 calories


Sweet Chilli Salmon with Stir-Fry Vegetable by Tesco Real Food
342 calories


Lamb Flatbread Pizzas with Beetroot Hummus by Super Food ideas



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