38 Items Summarised into 10 Reasons Why KMART is Attractive

I recently rediscovered KMART. I’m not sure why the retailer wasn’t in my radar for many years – whether it’s because they’ve recently ‘upped’ their designs or whether they’ve been this cool but I just didn’t notice. Anyhow, they’ve certainly got my attention now and here are 38 HOT items condensed into 10 themes that should make it on your wishlist.

1. Copper Crush

Copper Tripod Fan – $69; Stainless Steel Copper Plated Mug $6.00; Terracotta pot $10; Geometric Copper Candle Holder $7

2. Coastal Vibes

2 Tone Side Table $29; Coastal Print Cushion $10; Ladder Shelf Unit $39

3. Calming Naturals

Faux Fur Rug $19; Coffee Table Set $39; Artificial Plant $29

4. Urban Space

Be Happy Canvas $12; Shelving Ladder Unit $29; Wire Coffee Table $19

5. Retro Brekkie

Retro 4 Slice Toaster $39; Retro Cordless Kettle $39; Blue Pyramid Kettle $39; Jeannie White Kettle $39

6. Inspiring Tableware

Melamine Bowls $6; Glass Dinner Bowl $5; Moroccan Pattern Bowl $2.50; Urban Check Mugs $7

7. Vibrant Garden Furniture

Chevron Rug $79; Terracotta Garden Stool $39; Macrame Hanger $5; Oasis bench with planter $39

8. Stunning Kids Decor

Secret Garden Print Comforter Set $20; Cloud Wall Shelf $12; Hat & Coat hanger $16; Bucket Chair $19

9. Brilliant Laundry Solutions

Dipped Laundry Hamper $29; Rechargeable Lint Remover $10; Door Hanging Ironing Board $25; Triple Laundry Hamper $25

10. Happy Pantry Organising

Chrome 3 Tier Shelf $10; Veg Basket $6; Veg Storer set $15; Drawer Trolley $29


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Seeking to unveil the beautiful rhythms of love, hope and grace enshrouded in the mundane dailiness of the human condition and the spaces we inhabit

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