Weekend Medley

It’s finally the weekend, time to sleep in and take things easy (hopefully for you too). On weekend happenings over here, lately I have been enjoying having my girls in the kitchen – they are keen to help with baking, cooking & cleaning up! My littlest 2.5yr old LOVES to peel onions…I hear you – I’m enjoying it while it lasts. With all this help, I have been on a bread-baking hum each weekend (banana bread, coconut bread, etc.) and breakfast time has been quite a treat. There’s usually mini muffin versions for hungry school lunch boxes too. 

To wrap up the week, here are my top 7 finds for the week.



Roasted Butternut Squash and Split Pea Soup with Spicy Cilantro Cashew Oil

Recipe & Photo by HEATHER CHRISTO  
Recipe & Photo by HEATHER CHRISTO  

You know me & food and how we go – Heather got me at Cashew Oil! Too hot for our summer days, but we’re heading into Autumny weather now, so look out for this on the menu plan. Yummm. Meanwhile, find the recipe here.


A Mental Trick for Dealing with Challenging Conversations

 Ever found yourself getting apprehensive about meeting with a colleague or client for various reasons?  Find out why you react the way you do and how to manage the conversation to deliver a positive outcome on this Harvard Business Review Article.  


How To Believe In Your Business When You Don’t Always Believe In Yourself

Marie from Marieforleo
Marie from Marieforleo

Marie shares her wisdom in this video on how to deal with self doubt while running your business. 


This Stunning Interior @ Chez Marie Sixtine

photos by Julie Ansiau.
photos by Julie Ansiau.

I reckon I’d be getting a good night sleep in this space! Check out the entire pad on Miss Moss


10 of the Best Face Oils to Fight Oily Skin & Breakouts

Photo: Gorgeous in Grey 
Photo: Gorgeous in Grey 

Ty from Gorgeous in Grey (because she’s actually greying) shares her tips on which oils actually work to fight breakouts on acne pron skin. Find the article here


5 tips to make the school week run smoothly

Photo by Nicole Avery - Planning with kids
Photo by Nicole Avery – Planning with kids

School mornings can be chaotic if it isn’t well thought out and planned. Yesterday, a colleague was lamenting on how difficult it was to get a daycare aged child ready for the morning. Nicole from Planning With Kids shares amazing tips on how to make the school week run smoothly in this article


Want to go to – 

Photo by Hannes Becker
Photo by Hannes Becker

Eltz, Germany in Fall. 


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