Healthy Family Weekly Dinner Menu – March Wk 2&3

Don’t get all stressed up about what to cook next week, I’ve got it sorted. Just go with the flow.
I’m beginning to reap the rewards of having a school aged kid, (hang in there, new moms). My grade 2er now has ‘helping in the kitchen’ as one of her homework tasks and you won’t hear me complaining about that! We’re a great team because she loves grating carrots and I hate grating carrots – messes with my manicured nails.
My two younger ones don’t like to miss out on all the ‘seriously exciting’ kitchen fun either, they compete over who will peel the onions and who gets to measure out the rice. In fact, they are constantly in my way when I’m in the kitchen, with the last one asking me to dish her food even before I’ve had a chance to cook the meal.
I always knew that having three kids will come in handy.

What I love about what’s for dinner

  • Lots of fresh healthy vegetables & ingredients – nature’s guarantee to help you flourish
  • Seafood – Yumm.
  • Can’t have too much plantains in life – [Tip – Ladyfinger bananas are a good sub].
  • Red meat features once this week with a refreshing salad side.

Menu Plan

I use one menu per fortnight as this allows me to shop and cook in bulk – this means I can serve leftovers most nights of the second week and we also schedule take-away pizza on one night and a light dinner (noodles, sandwiches or beans on toast) on another night. I find this helps me cope as a busy working mom with three kids as I take it easy the second week, put my feet up a bit and only shop for top-up on milk and fruit. I use the free time to garden, take the kids to the library, sleep in and play board games with the kids. 

Puerto Rican Style Beans (134 cal) without rice
by SkinnyTaste

Eggplant parmigiana (203 cal)
by Super Food Ideas

Chilli and orange lamb chops with pearl couscous salad
by Coles Australia

Five-spice salmon with stir-fried veg (519 cal)
by Healthy Food Guide Au/ Sprout.

Jerked Chicken & Plantain Skewers (144 cal)
by Skinny Ms.

Penne with Shiitake, Cherry Tomatoes & Kale (316 cal)
by A Quest To Flourish Blog

Spicy Seafood (Fisherman) Stew
by Foodace

Happy Cooking & Eating


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