Weekly Wrapup

We’re already neck deep in the weekend, and in the words of Winnie the Pooh, mine started with ‘a smallish nap or two’ after which I dragged myself and three helpers to the farmers market to buy fresh produce. I’m always overjoyed by the savings I find at the markets plus I love the atmosphere.  

To wrap up the week, here are my top 5 finds curated for you because I know you’ll find them super useful.


Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Cake with Whipped Ganache – by Vanilla And Bean

Vegan fudgy, dark chocolate cake goodness that even non-vegans will die for. Find the recipe on Vanilla and Bean


The trick for reading a book a week

Reading nonfiction books is one of the most expedient ways to remain engaged with the newest trends and thinking in your field. However, this is a big challenge in an already overloaded schedule. This Harvard Business Review article provides some tricks for reading a book a week while in a cramped schedule and being actively engaged with the material in a way that allows your mind to retain a great deal of information.


How Startups Can Be Empowerment Tools for Women

image credit: shutterstock

image credit: shutterstock

This article from Entrepreneur discusses how start-ups are bridging the gender gap at the CEO executive level. 


Real-Life Solutions for Tiny Kitchens by Better Homes & Gardens

image credit: bhg

image credit: bhg

Small kitchen cramping your style? Don’t allow this! Check out this article from BHG on how to creatively make a small kitchen function like a big one and set yourself free. 


Homework Help – Managing It With Multiple Kids by Planning With Kids

image credit: planningwithkids.com

image credit: planningwithkids.com

Are you snowed down or simply overwhelmed with managing homework in a busy schedule with multiple kids? This article from Planning with Kids has excellent practical ideas which you will find useful. 



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