Everything in it’s Season

The ancient King Solomon said, “There’s a time for everything and everything has its season.” Trying to force things to happen before their time is a costly endeavour which results in a complicated and cluttered life.   

One big reason we try to force things to happen quickly is comparison with peers or idols. This brings on the anxiety that we are behind and aren’t achieving what should have been achieved at this stage of life. Peers, mentors and ‘idols’ may have their place in motivating us to achieve our dreams, but I believe we should never compare ourselves with them. There are a whole raft of reasons why comparison is bad. One of them is that we all have unique contexts to our lives. For example, when I’ve compared myself to other bloggers I’ve quickly realised that i was being unfair to myself. Many bloggers work on their blogs full-time but I work at a day job, I study part time and I have three kids. So, while it’s fine to learn the tricks of the trade, we can’t define our success by other peoples’ yardsticks. 

So, here’s to living life at our own pace, defining what success means in our own context and allowing life to fall into place at the right time. 


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