Choose Peace Everyday

We are faced with decisions every moment we’re awake but are we making choices that fill our lives with peace?

Yesterday my morning got off to a late start. I wasn’t feeling too well, so I slept in while I contemplated whether going to work was a good idea. I eventually decided to go to work but getting the three kids  ready for school was like hearding cats. I was running 30mins late by the time we drove off.



Choosing peace in this situation was in the refusal to have a rushed and upset disposition. I played the kids’ music requests and prayed blessings over our day. I soaked in the sunshine as I walked briskly from my work carpark and I felt peaceful.

At night, I already had dinner ready some nights before, so I wanted to delve into tomorrow’s dinner as the kids watched TV. However, doing this before the kids dinner would set me back and I’d be rushing to catch up with bedtime routines, so I chose to cook after they’d had dinner so I could have a peaceful night.

Choosing peace doesn’t only have to be during conflict or arguments but also  in our day to day mundane activities. ❤

Today, I hope your decisions bring you peace.


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