Keep On Backing Up Your Beliefs With Action

I’ve been sick for the past week so the only activity I’ve managed apart from warming up leftovers for the kids has been reading. As though I knew they would come in handy, I borrowed some novels from the travel shelf of the local library just before I got sick, and I thoroughly enjoyed & recommend Nora Ephron’s I remember nothing and Janice McLeod’s Paris Letters. One thing I learned from both books was to eat more and worry less, so I had croissants this morning for breakfast and refused to worry about my weight.

We’ve been blessed with stunning autumn days so far and a lunchtime walk (lazy stroll) with a bit of blogging sandwiched in between seemed ideal for today. I might even make a habit out of it because it suits my back better and allows me to frolic in this gorgeous weather ⛅🍁🍃.  I shared this quote of the day on  Instagram today as I found it really encouraging.



We all have big, small, long term or short term dreams. We discard a few as we grow older and become more realistic. However, there are one or two that linger in our hearts, sometimes buried beneath a pile of dusty “would-only-be-possible-if” cobwebs.

If I won the lottery.

If I wasn’t working full time.

If I was a people person.

If I lived overseas.


The only IF required sometimes is a healthy dose of belief backed up by solid, targeted, relentless action.  Personally, I have lots of things I would like to do which can also be confusing. It’s great to sit down with a more realistic thinker like my husband to think through them, sift through the murk and establish exactly which ones are really ME and therefore worth pursuing. After this, an order of priority then determines the strategy for putting some work to see the dreams come to pass.

What dreams do you have to keep believing in today? Do you know why you’re doubting yourself?  What can you do to build your confidence about achieving this goal?


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