Delicious Dinner Plan Your Family Will Enjoy – May Wk 3


How have you been?! I feel like it’s been ages (because it really has been ages)! Sorry I’ve been quiet for some days, I was off sick, but now I’m back and hopefully for a long while.
My routines were on hold when I was sick and I was quickly reminded how much money I spend (waste?) when I go shopping without a meal plan. I like to plan my meals, work out my budget for the week, create my shopping list before I can confidently tackle my shopping. I find it helps me efficiently manage my resources and makes for a satisfied & accomplished sigh at the end of the weekend.
One routine I kept to when I was sick and will be sticking to for the foreseeable future is going to the markets. I stopped going when my third child was small, but now they are all old enough to participate constructively ‘most of the time’, so it’s to the markets every Saturday. They like to help me scan around and remember the lowest price and then after I do my shop, they are allowed to pick one fruit or vegetable for themselves but it must be $1 or under. My two biggest kids love to pick passion fruits, but the last one sticks to her bananas.

Here’s what I’m planning for dinner next week. If you haven’t got round to making one, or need a few suggestions, then I hope you find this useful. It’s autumn here Down Under, so I took the liberty to include a pumpkin pie dessert for Saturday. I can’t wait to use up all my pumpkin.


Let me know your thoughts and any new recipes you’ve been loving. I’m always happy to talk about food, but I’m sure you’ve worked that out already.

Menu Plan

I use one menu per fortnight as this allows me to shop and cook in bulk – this means I can serve leftovers most nights of the second week and we also schedule take-away pizza on one night and a light dinner (noodles, sandwiches or beans on toast) on another night. I find this helps me cope as a busy working mom with three kids as I take it easy the second week, put my feet up a bit and only shop for top-up on milk and fruit. I use the free time to garden, take the kids to the library, sleep in and play board games with the kids. 

Asparagus, spring pea, & goat cheese quiche
by Two Red Bowls

Thai green chicken curry
by Coles Australia

Asian-style fish and sesame-salt chips
by Delicious Mag

Chicken Pasta with Creamy Cilantro-Lime Alfredo Sauce
by Julia’s Album

Chana Dal with cauliflower, cashews and coconut milk
by Vanilla and Bean

Skinny Pumpkin Pie
by Skinny Taste

Okra Soup
by Executive Mama Put

All pictures have been sourced from the recipe weblinks. 

Happy cooking.


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