2 Minute Leadership Brief: Lead Better by Questioning Everything

Day to day leadership is incredibly fast paced and as a result leaders find it challenging to pause before they act. This is even more of an issue for senior leaders who are new to their roles.


Regardless of the time constraints, the best leaders adopt the following strategies to ensure that they are robust and adequately equipped to make solid business decisions. They:

  • Constantly explore new thinking and seek out new ideas from those around them.
  • Regularly ask uncomfortable questions and encourage their team to do the same.
  • Consider whether they need to adjust or abandon existing strategies.
  • Intentionally step back and review the big picture with new eyes often.
  • Surround themselves with teams that are diverse in order to maintain exposure to different and new ideas.
  • Let their leadership style demonstrate an openness to new ideas and rigorous review of the status quo.
  • Give themselves the time and space to surface divergent opinions which ultimately facilitate smarter business decisions.

Got more than 2 minutes? Find out more from these sources:

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