Do we need to be this busy? 

We are all busy – I’m busy,  my friends are busy, our kids are busy and my parents are still busy.

Being busy is making us too exhausted to invest in relationships.  I’ve been consciously trying to cut down on activities because I honestly believe it is not necessary for me to be as busy as I am. However, when I’m not busy, I feel guilty and unproductive. I feel as though I should be doing something. It’s as if I’m addicted to being busy. Therefore I suspect that the guilt is just a withdrawal symptom.

This Christmas season,  I propose we pare things back.  Let’s keep the shopping simple – let’s cook only what adds value and spend time hanging out. Let’s not take the kids to so many places so we can chill together,  enjoy the home we’ve tastefully furnished and watch a movie or play board games.  Let’s play in the backyard and tell stories in the moonlight.

Life’s too short to live it on the fast lane.

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3 thoughts on “Do we need to be this busy? 

  1. Being busy all the time has robbed most of us of meaningful relationships. We assume that being too busy is a way to show how important we are. It gives us a false sense of self-esteem. We sometimes get busy with things we ought to have delegated or outrightly left.
    However, there are times when it can’t be helped to become very busy. It’s not always often though. Prioritising is one way to avoid this self inflicted problem we have put on ourselves.

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  2. I agree with the withdrawal symptoms, Nancy. We’ve become too busy being busy our busy minds now make us feel guilty for being less busy. When I have a lazy day, I tend to ask myself at intervals, nwaanyi, what exactly have you achieved today. Funny!

    We should share a bit of our busy lives working on our relationships, really.

    Nice piece 🙂


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