Lemon & ginger tea, English breakfast, green tea bags, loose green tea, Chinese loose black tea, chai tea – I collect them  and when you drop by my place, you’ll find them proudly displayed on the little shelf in my dining area. There’s also a T2 fancy name tea which has pomegranate and apple pieces among many things. Surprisingly, tea isn’t the thing on my mind when I wake up – coffee is. 
Up there on my list of daily favorite things sits: My morning coffee – but perfect coffee cannot be enjoyed in just any plain old mug. Mugs have to tell a story. So I also collect mugs. Different shapes, sizes and colours – all perfect for my little open shelf. Open shelves are amazing art exhibitors in my opinion. All the plain mugs get to stay behind closed kitchen cabinets – where my husband, whose sole requirement for mugs is that they fit approximately 1 ltr of instant coffee, can find them.
So I decided to paint this shelf of mine…


Tea or Coffee: Open shelf watercolour

I enjoyed doing a quick muck-up and I can see many lessons in the painting – my robust shelf seems to lean a bit so I have to work on angles, line thickness, etc. Also, many of my mugs must have been in the dishwasher when I did the painting. Haha.

Anyway, when you drop by, I’ll offer you tea. I’ve figured out that the reason I collect tea is to be able to say to visitors, “Can I get you tea? Which will it be – I’ve got lemon & ginger, English breakfast, green tea bags, loose green tea, Chinese loose black tea, chai tea and this T2 pomegranate & apple mix.” Then I’d whip out two pretty mugs, make tea for two and think to myself, “This is the only time you drink tea!” And I’ll imagine you thinking, “Hasn’t she got the most amazing mugs?” But you’ll most likely be thinking, “I don’t understand why she hasn’t offered me her Colombian coffee!”



Tea or Coffee?

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