On Observing Busy Streets

One of the biggests blessings I enjoy is my weekly day off. In my opinion, a day-off spent in a nice cafe overlooking a busy street is a day well spent. A lot of things run through my mind as I sip my lactose free caramel latte and watch passersby –

  • what a treat not to have to be rushing anywhere;
  • that girl with the tidy bun, red lips and high heels must be working in a law firm;
  • I wonder what that lady had for breakfast today;
  • is this man happy?
  • what does this carefree young couple have planned for the rest of the afternoon.

Yes, I just sit there imagining many stories about the wonderful or tragic lives the passersby are living and how it all ends well (as all my stories do) and I’m happy. Then I imagine having the courage to conspicously capture the scene with my camera and paint it there in the cafe – but I’m too chicken. So I try a few stealth shots which are usually not that good and look around the cafe nervously before deciding against painting on the scene. Who do I think I am, I’m not that good, everyone will think I’m just showing off.


So I head to Officeworks, print my photo, go home and paint.

busy street scene

This particular painting was based on an Arttutor.com instructor’s photograph.

One day, I’ll be bold enough to do what I want as long as I’m not breaking any rules, or even if I’m breaking a few.



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