What are you reading?

I am always working through a couple of books at a time – an audiobook for the morning commute, another one for the evening commute, a chick lit for my bedtime wind down, a creative & relaxing one for my Saturday and a spiritual Sunday book. Haha. I eventually work through them and replace each one as I finish them however I generally stick to the same genre for each time slot. Here’s what’s on my current list:

Morning commute: Genre Inspirational

Others I’ve completed during my morning commute

Evening commute: Genre – Contemporary fiction

Here are a few I’ve completed during my evening commute:

Bedtime wind down read: Genre – Chick lit

I love cashing in on ibook sale deals and stock up on good Chick lit authors

Saturday leisure read: Something interactive and creative

Sunday: Genre – Christian Inspirational; Creative & relaxing


What are you reading at the moment and who are your favorite authors? Let me know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “What are you reading?

  1. Wow, love that you have a system. That interactive book looks fun, and the Mary and Martha book really helped me. That’s the only book I’ve read on your list. At the moment I’m listening to an audiobook, reading a book for a creative writing course I’m taking, and The Screwtape Letters is a book I’m reading for the course as well as for fun.


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