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I am Nancy Eluigwe and I’m the artist behind A Quest to Flourish!

Although I have always been a creative all my life, art wasn’t my main focus until recently. I pursued a career in economics and management and still work in management. For the past few years I have encountered severe life storms and heartbreak. Art has become an open door and a pathway for me to find comfort, meaning and healing. I am now studying Fine Arts as a profession and slowly building a career as an artist.

What I seek to explore in my art is the unveiling of power through vulnerability, beauty from pain and rhythms of hope in the mundane dailiness of life & the spaces around us.

I am a sensitive soul who loves God, books, nature, breakfast and lots of tea in beautiful teacups. When I’m not at work or in my studio, you will find me having a nap or nagging my 3 beloved children.

Thanks for stopping byđź’—