China: I went, I saw and I loved it!

My other half has been spending a lot of his time in China lately. He’s obsessed with international trade and even tries to sneak business talk into pillow talk (smh). So we decided that it would be a splendid idea for me and the kids to fly to China and see what this craze was all about. As I anticipated our trip, my emotions where a mixture of excitement and apprehension – I knew it would be a neat adventure but I didn’t quite know what my own experience would be.

I needn’t have worried. I mostly loved China – I was pleasantly surprised; I was immersed in a rich culture; I was surrounded by Mandarin, Cantonese and broken English; I tried new toilets I never knew existed and I indulged in authentic Chinese & Hong Kong cuisine that I now crave daily. My husband was thrilled that we embraced China because the country seems to be very much in his future and most likely in our future too.

I’d like to share a few pictures that captured some of the delightful moments I was priviledged to enjoy during my visit to China. 

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Book Review – I highly recommend this Parenting Book

I am currently reading the Parenting Book by Nicky & Sila Lee and I must say it has been a very refreshing read. I do the bulk of my reading during my commute to and from work which averages 2 hours every day and I alternate between various books and monthly magazines. 

However, because of the brilliant, easy-to-read way that Nicky and Sila have approached this book, I find myself looking forward to the days I’ve scheduled to read it.

What I love about the book:

 The funny illustrations that usually draw from the issues being discussed on the page. 

Nicky and Sila break up sections of the book to insert their personal stories.

Helpful lists are presented in a text-box format in many chapters making them easy to find later

Chapters end with a ‘Pause and consider’ list which leads the reader to actually apply the lessons discussed to their own personal situation.

One thing I’ve learned:

I tend to intervene in every fight and squabble between my kids but in the book, the authors encourage parents to allow kids settle their fights and disagreements and only intervene if things are getting out of hand e.g. they are getting physical. Letting them settle issues on their own teaches them skills they will need to interact and resolve conflict with people in the outside world. 

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