Warrior Mum


Warrior mum,
You’re changing the world and it is an exhausting job! You give all you’ve got but it feels like even more is required of you. On my own journey, I know that while my head and heart know that I’m winning small and big battles for my children, sometimes I feel I can only go on for one more day – no, scale that back to one more hour! However, we can’t throw the towel in. Our kids – our world can’t afford for us to give up or give in.We have to fight till we’re great grandmothers. We’re lifelong warriors.


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Dear Mother

Motherhood is a tough job – it calls you to be selfless, tests your patience and involves long hours and days. Hang in there though because it goes quickly – I can hardly remember my diaper adventures!

Embrace motherhood with it’s bells and whistles – beauty, difficulty, laughter, tears, sickness, frantic activity, work, joys, failures, wins and ultimately the rewards. Remember who is right beside you through it all. 

You’re doing a fantastic job!