Managers, Parents, what stops you from giving enough praise?



It’s has been recognised that one of the toughest jobs of a manager is giving feedback. While some struggle more than others, many people find giving feedback stressful and difficult mostly because they are focused on offering criticism and correcting mistakes when they should be providing positive feedback. Some recent research shows that people view leaders as more effective when they give praise. Personally, I struggle more at home with positive feedback to my kids or people who work for me than at the office. At work, I struggle with negative feedback because it is uncomfortable.

Where/when do you struggle with offering compliments? Why? For me, I believe that it is from a desire to be seen as tough and firm and the fear that my kids or people who work for me at home will start to coast. Well, if you’re having the same issues at home or at work, this HBR article says we should ‘get over it’! According to the writer, managers (and parents) need to proactively develop their praise-giving skills. There is nothing wrong if praise is brief — it just needs to be specific, rather than a general remark of “great job,” in addition this is best delivered soon after the event the child or employee is being praised for. Above all, it’s always best when the compliment is sincere and heartfelt.

We’ll get there!



Warrior Mum


Warrior mum,
You’re changing the world and it is an exhausting job! You give all you’ve got but it feels like even more is required of you. On my own journey, I know that while my head and heart know that I’m winning small and big battles for my children, sometimes I feel I can only go on for one more day – no, scale that back to one more hour! However, we can’t throw the towel in. Our kids – our world can’t afford for us to give up or give in.We have to fight till we’re great grandmothers. We’re lifelong warriors.


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