Coffee Chat with Jo Hoban – Ceramics Designer, Copywriter & Editor


12593711_567064436793580_8896262244440672813_oIt was one of those ‘furnace’ hot days with nature’s humidifier blowing at 120%, but I barely noticed it as I sipped on ice tea and chatted away with Jo Hoban from Jo on her zen green balcony.
Jo is a  professional, freelance copywriter and editor with a particular interest in art, design and learning to live more sustainably. Her words have appeared in various print and online publications including The Design Files, Home Beautiful, The Planthunter, and Green Magazine. She is also a budding ceramics designer, studying ceramics part-time and experimenting with making functional wares. The focus of our chat was mostly on her designing.
We chatted about motherhood, creativity and making sense of life’s journey then we retreated into her pottery studio (as I hoped we would) to chat about her designs, inspirations, how it started and how well she’s wearing all her hats.

Before I dive into the ‘details’ of our coffee chat, here are a few of her amazing creations Continue reading