What do you do when a colleague ostracises you?


Are you:
• Left out of meetings or important email threads?
• Overlooked for a committee position?
• Ignored when making suggestions?

According to this article there might be an explanation – maybe you’re not the only one getting the cold shoulder; maybe it’s because of your position on the totem pole. The thing is not to assume and seek social support within your organisation.

How do you do that?

• Find out who else might be experiencing the same issues and talk to them – this might provide clarity about the real reason
• Find people who value your contributions and spend more time with them
• Pursue positive social interactions as they’ll help you repair your self-worth and confidence in your organisation

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Photo by Stuart Vivier on Unsplash

Weekly Wrapup

We’re already neck deep in the weekend, and in the words of Winnie the Pooh, mine started with ‘a smallish nap or two’ after which I dragged myself and three helpers to the farmers market to buy fresh produce. I’m always overjoyed by the savings I find at the markets plus I love the atmosphere.  

To wrap up the week, here are my top 5 finds curated for you because I know you’ll find them super useful.


Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Cake with Whipped Ganache – by Vanilla And Bean

Vegan fudgy, dark chocolate cake goodness that even non-vegans will die for. Find the recipe on Vanilla and Bean


The trick for reading a book a week

Reading nonfiction books is one of the most expedient ways to remain engaged with the newest trends and thinking in your field. However, this is a big challenge in an already overloaded schedule. This Harvard Business Review article provides some tricks for reading a book a week while in a cramped schedule and being actively engaged with the material in a way that allows your mind to retain a great deal of information.


How Startups Can Be Empowerment Tools for Women

image credit: shutterstock

image credit: shutterstock

This article from Entrepreneur discusses how start-ups are bridging the gender gap at the CEO executive level. 


Real-Life Solutions for Tiny Kitchens by Better Homes & Gardens

image credit: bhg

image credit: bhg

Small kitchen cramping your style? Don’t allow this! Check out this article from BHG on how to creatively make a small kitchen function like a big one and set yourself free. 


Homework Help – Managing It With Multiple Kids by Planning With Kids

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image credit:

Are you snowed down or simply overwhelmed with managing homework in a busy schedule with multiple kids? This article from Planning with Kids has excellent practical ideas which you will find useful.