Tulip love

I am in love with Tulips but I’ve never let myself buy a bunch because they exceed the $4-$5 budget mark I subconsciously set for buying flowers for myself. Well, this weekend I decided to extravagantly gift myself a whole bunch of orange and yellow tulips and they’ve brought joy to my heart. Happy sigh.

Here’s the beginning of a love affair with myself I think…and a quick sketchbook rendition of a small tulip bunch in the vase in my room.

Have an awesome weekend folks.


Beauty on the other side of ‘Good’

I learned so much from embarking on this painting. Not only did I learn techniques, but I got some life lessons for the journey.

Below was the first step of the process

I was having a blue day and decided to paint my feelings. I wasn’t sure if this woman was dead or alive but she was lifeless in a way. Numb? Dead to the world? Who knows. I just resonated with her.

I was OK with it for some months. Then as laughter began to seep back into my life, scattered like wild flowers here and there, I began to think of moving her on to a new season of life. I wanted her to be calm with an inward peace that didn’t sway by external events. I also wanted to show that she was now looking after herself, appreciating her self and realizing she is beautiful.

So I gave her face a makeover

Then proceeded to surround her with wild flowers

At this stage I felt she was good. I was OK with the painting. In fact I was quite happy. Then came that niggling feeling that there was more. What would happen if I pushed a bit more? Would I lose what I had achieved so far or end up somewhere beautiful? I could imagine it but it wasn’t clear and I didn’t know if I was up to it. But I took a chance and…

Arrived on the other side of good and found beauty. Story of my life. There’s more on the other side of good but it’s a risk.