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The Beauty of Passing by

A nice crisp morning walk is one of my daily blessings. I really feel bereft when I’m unable to indulge in one as a result of sickness or a late night induced sleep in. One of the reasons I enjoy my walks is that I love observing and taking in the beauty or quirkiness of…

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Read & Loved: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: My Life by Sophia Loren

I just finished reading Sophia Loren's Autobiography: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: My Life and I must say it was an inspiring read. Loren was born in 1934 and grew up in Italy during World War II. In this book she shares about living in poverty and hardship, the pain of being abandoned by her father and being raised by a single unwed mother. She writes about her journey through the days she was nicknamed the 'toothpick',

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Today, take your time.

Today. It’s yours. Don’t let it slip away.  Take your time to breathe today in, the bits you loved, deep into your lungs and your soul. Take time to breathe out the anxieties, the rushing and the stress. Your coffee. It’s yours. Take time to remember it’s aroma. Your food. It’s yours. Take time to…

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Quiet! Still your anxious thoughts.

The Christmas bells have stopped jingling and the fireworks that ushered in the New Year are now kilobytes in memory sticks. A new Calendar with brand new months to live present a long list of aspirations, increasing responsibilities as the family grows and parents age, potential career progression opportunities, new movies to add to our…

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