Delicious Dinner Plan Your Family Will Enjoy – May Wk 3


How have you been?! I feel like it’s been ages (because it really has been ages)! Sorry I’ve been quiet for some days, I was off sick, but now I’m back and hopefully for a long while.
My routines were on hold when I was sick and I was quickly reminded how much money I spend (waste?) when I go shopping without a meal plan. I like to plan my meals, work out my budget for the week, create my shopping list before I can confidently tackle my shopping. I find it helps me efficiently manage my resources and makes for a satisfied & accomplished sigh at the end of the weekend.
One routine I kept to when I was sick and will be sticking to for the foreseeable future is going to the markets. I stopped going when my third child was small, but now they are all old enough to participate constructively ‘most of the time’, so it’s to the markets every Saturday. They like to help me scan around and remember the lowest price and then after I do my shop, they are allowed to pick one fruit or vegetable for themselves but it must be $1 or under. My two biggest kids love to pick passion fruits, but the last one sticks to her bananas.

Here’s what I’m planning for dinner next week. If you haven’t got round to making one, or need a few suggestions, then I hope you find this useful. It’s autumn here Down Under, so I took the liberty to include a pumpkin pie dessert for Saturday. I can’t wait to use up all my pumpkin.


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Healthy Family Dinner Plan – April F’night 1

Wondering what to cook next week? I’ve got it sorted with this healthy family dinner plan. All that’s left for you to do is write your shopping list & head to the shops.
The mini beef and zucchini burgers look like they’ll be a favorite with the kids, however, the meal I’m looking forward to is the Plantain pudding. It’s a Nigerian recipe that I haven’t eaten in over 10 years and I wasn’t pining for it till my friend in the UK sent me a picture on WhatsApp. Within 5 minutes of receiving the picture, I had bookmarked the website with the recipe, clipped it to Evernote, noted the ingredients in my shopping list and included the meal into this fortnights plan! I don’t have plantains so I’ll be looking out for ladyfinger bananas in the fruit market tomorrow! Yummo!!!  That said, I’ve already gone ahead and made the chicken pie. The minute I mentioned that I was planning to make it, the kids hassled me daily, till I couldn’t bear it anymore and just had to make it. It was a huge hit last night and I’m super glad that I stretched it into two large pies (one made in my brownie tin, haha) so I’ve got another batch frozen, waiting for next week.

What’s to love about what’s for dinner

  • Lots of fresh healthy vegetables & ingredients – nature’s guarantee to help you flourish
  • Protein packed fish with chickpeas
  • An absolutely delicious Nigerian pudding
  • Country Style Chicken Pie with crispy pastry (naughty but yum)

Menu Plan

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