Letting go just for this moment

Birdsong wakes me up and I shield my eyes from the morning sun – rays muffled by dark curtains but finding the cracks and beaming through. It’s a struggle to face another day in this journey of abandonment. Yes I’m still here, another day but still left behind.

I stumble out of bed seeking comfort. Kettle boils – cup of tea. My beautiful hot teacup radiates warmth into my soul as I sit in my nook. Breathe in…breathe out. Grace always knows where I am and soon I am enfolded.

I’ll let go of sorrow for this moment. Right now I know I’ll be fine. I wish this moment will last for the rest of my life.

Mixed media on canvas paper

You have recorded my troubles. You have kept a list of my tears – Psalm 56:8


Peace abiding

Peace, be still. How do you get peace and keep it? Does peace mean the absence of chaos, turbulence and dark despair or is peace inspite of these? Can peace sit with turmoil or does peace disappear once storms are on the horizon? Is peace a companion of hope and joy or is peace a loner?

These questions are what I was exploring with this artwork.

Mixed media on paper