Morning love

There’s so much I love about the morning. I never see myself as a morning person only because I struggle with waking up- but once I’m up I’m wide eyed most days enjoying the brilliance of the new fresh day.

This morning during my walk I was besotted with the liquid sunshine and shadows, shades of green on the trees, early signs of spring on the wild berry plants and textures all around. The creativity in nature is like a candy store to an attuned mind.

“The morning light bathes me with pulsating rays of your loyal love

Morning draws me into your heart, submerging me in your sea of unfailing love…” Meditating on Psalm143.8


The Beauty of Passing by

A nice crisp morning walk is one of my daily blessings. I really feel bereft when I’m unable to indulge in one as a result of sickness or a late night induced sleep in.

One of the reasons I enjoy my walks is that I love observing and taking in the beauty or quirkiness of the houses I pass by. I try to work out the personalities who live in each house from the type of house and yard they have – I can tell by a mailbox that the owners love sci-fi or are artistic; some yards suggest that a free spirit lives in there; and then some houses only tell me that the owners are rich. I never get tired of walking by the same houses but I get even more thrilled by an impromptu walk in an unfamiliar suburb. I also enjoy imagining if the homes I’m passing by are happy or sad or so so; sometimes I can smell the aroma of breakfast and this makes me smile as my tummy rumbles in anticipation of my own breakfast. I’m sure this is a subject I will keep playing around with in my art practice and I look forward to the opportunity. It’s fantastic to enjoy the little blessings of the mundane.

This sketchbook exploration was with markers and colour pencils.

Time and it’s Ways


Where did the time go
Just last night we were young and free
But right now it feels so long ago
Life sweeps by like the view from a speeding car
Some indelible – light up our memories like a glow
Others vague – flicker for a second once in a while
The rest – painful arrows, returned to the wind with a bow.

This time that we bear
Sometimes through dark tunnels
Laden like the humid summer air
Then released into wide open meadows
Free like the wind in our hair
Precious but often wasted
Fleeting yet with lots to spare.

But go time must
And we too with it
Eyes open to see it’s harvest
And closed to savour the moments
Hearts stretched for battles at their fiercest
Yet never left without a song
For somehow at all times we are still blessed.

-Nancy Eluigwe 2018

Recent favourite pics over the last few weeks

It’s been hectic over the last couple of weeks, but I’ve still been taking pictures during the day. Here are a few favourites.




Move, I wanna see too!


Hot Jaguar


Between the Jacarandas


Hi There! Welcome


Lights  & Shadows in the morning


Beauty through my window




Rainbow Lorekeet Just Chilling


Group exercise time


Drying off


I’ve got my EYE on you


Morning frolick in the storm waters

Choose Peace Everyday

We are faced with decisions every moment we’re awake but are we making choices that fill our lives with peace?

Yesterday my morning got off to a late start. I wasn’t feeling too well, so I slept in while I contemplated whether going to work was a good idea. I eventually decided to go to work but getting the three kids  ready for school was like hearding cats. I was running 30mins late by the time we drove off.



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