Life through my lens 2/10

What started out as a rainy day during my morning walk cleared to a stunning sunny spring day. The St Lucia lake was beautifully featured by jacarandas and ducks.


Friday Expeditions

Join me as I walk & cycle my way around Brisbane – one surburb at a time.

Indooroopilly ♣ Chelmer ♣ Graceville

On my latest Friday off, I set out for a one hour walk along the Brisbane River from the gorgeously leafy Radnor street, across the Indooroopilly-Chelmer bridge and within the beautiful surburbs of Chelmer and Graceville. It was a beautiful autumn day for any old walk and there were lovely little surprises to be enjoyed and captured.

Nothing makes a day off feel like a holiday like walking beside the river, wind on your face as you listen to the relaxing rustle of leafy boughs.


I love the bright Brisbane autumn sky & lovely views from the bridge.


Stunning flowers, cute house numbers and enshrouded paths.


I stumbled upon this streetside library called a mighty fine book swap.


I like to strategically make my way to an interesting local cafe to sample their flavoured lattes.


On my scale of Caramel Lattes with the UQ Lakeside Cafe ranking 8 out of 10, Goodness Gracious Cafe ranked 6.5. Not bad.

Oh, and I loved this house on Twigg Street. 3 next door neighbours were selling up though – FYI


What’s a walk without a selfie to prove it



This guy was a friendly passerby who wanted a chat. One is always up for a chat with a random stranger on a day off with an empty calendar. He was smiling and he looked quite happy. I always walk past people and wonder what their life is like –Are they happy? Are they going through a rough patch? Are they wondering what to do with their millions or are they wondering if they can afford a decent cup of coffee this week? Well, upon chatting with this fellow, it turned out that he was very unhappy. He and his wife and little daughter had moved from India three months ago and he really missed his extended family and all his networks. He is currently an uber driver and he thought that perhaps he might be happier when he gets a new job with better pay. I told him that starting over in a new country was always difficult and that I hoped things turned out better for him soon. I suggested getting in touch with his community group here, wished him farewell and asked if we could take a selfie.

It was still a beautiful day as I walked back to my car, contemplating the bits and pieces of life I’d just seen during my walk – houses: big ones, cute ones, unkempt ones where I thought a snake might crawl out from in any minute; businesses: bustling ones, loud ones, quiet ones with bored shop assistants;  passersby: some walking their dogs, others running alone with their music, some walking past with an acknowledging smile and those keen for a chat. We’re all dealing with life – happy, sad or inbetween – or for some of us, life maybe dealing with us.




China: I went, I saw and I loved it!

My other half has been spending a lot of his time in China lately. He’s obsessed with international trade and even tries to sneak business talk into pillow talk (smh). So we decided that it would be a splendid idea for me and the kids to fly to China and see what this craze was all about. As I anticipated our trip, my emotions where a mixture of excitement and apprehension – I knew it would be a neat adventure but I didn’t quite know what my own experience would be.

I needn’t have worried. I mostly loved China – I was pleasantly surprised; I was immersed in a rich culture; I was surrounded by Mandarin, Cantonese and broken English; I tried new toilets I never knew existed and I indulged in authentic Chinese & Hong Kong cuisine that I now crave daily. My husband was thrilled that we embraced China because the country seems to be very much in his future and most likely in our future too.

I’d like to share a few pictures that captured some of the delightful moments I was priviledged to enjoy during my visit to China. 

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